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Ever gone out for a nice day of tandem paddling only to have it result in months of couples’ therapy?  Gone up a creek without a paddle? Have a trip scheduled on the Bowron Lakes but you’re afraid that you’re skills have gotten a little rusty?


Whether you are new to canoeing, are interested in paddling more confidently in rivers or are an experienced whitewater paddler who wants to learn how to “style” your way through rapids, Paddle Trails Canoe Club has great learning opportunities. 


We offer a great set of courses for paddlers of almost all interests and abilities.  We have excellent member-instructors who will focus on safety, helping you learn, but most importantly making sure you have a great time on the water.

Need more info?  Contact the club training coordinator at


Beginner classes

Introduction to Canoeing Rivers, May 4-5, 2019
Additional class added by popular demand! 

In this 2 day course, come learn about how moving water affects your boat. This is pre-whitewater, so we are covering some of the basics: entering and exiting current, paddle strokes, and being an active group member.  Based on the time of year and cold water temperatures, a drysuit or wetsuit with dry top is required for safety.  Canoes should have flotation.  Contact if you need to borrow equipment.

Difficulty: Class I – II

Based on the time of year, I would also recommend drysuits / require wet suits with dry tops.  Dry tops we can probably scrounge up.  There’s a little known secret that there is a hastily written document about canoe outfitting in our documents library.  It is pretty rough and probably shold be updated.  You can link to it from the events page.  This also looks like a decent video.  We don’t want to scare people away by implying they need tons of outfitting but my impression is that most people don’t have enough to make the experience enjoyable.  Kneepads and adequate floatation are minimum.  People can wear construction quality knee pads instead of gluing them in.

Introduction to Canoeing Rivers: July 13-14, 2019
Register here

Note:  Registration deadline is July 1. Canoes will need to be equipped with some flotation.

Children 12 and older accompanied by an adult are welcome if they are taking the class as a paddler. 


In this 2 day course, come learn about how moving water affects your boat. This is pre-whitewater, so we are covering some of the basics: entering and exiting current, paddle strokes, and being an active group member. Canoes will need to be equipped with some flotation.

Difficulty: Class I – I+


Paddling Clinics: Dates TBD

Perfect for any skill level, from complete beginner to working on your roll!  Hang out on a lake where you can practice in a no-pressure environment and get tips from other members.

We encourage members to hold these whenever convenient – lakes can be TBD!


Intermediate classes:

Introduction to Whitewater, Part 2: June 8-9, 2019

In this 2 day course, continue to practice whitewater skills while learning how to safely navigate obstacles and maneuver efficiently and effectively through a dynamic environment.  You will learn more advanced skills and dynamic paddling techniques as well as individual and group strategies for navigating rapids.  Students need to have boats that are designed and equipped for whitewater. 

Difficulty: Class II+


Safety & General classes


Trip Coordinator Training: March 23

Getting out on the water in our boats is the heart and soul of why Paddle Trails Canoe Club exists.  Do you want to get your favorite river on the club trip schedule?  As a trip coordinator of Paddle Trails Canoe Club, you can be sure you have a chance to paddle those sections with friends in the club. 


This 1-day training will fill you in on what a trip coordinator does to pull off a successful club trip.  To make this a fun event, we're going to integrate the training with a typical mellow (class I+ or easy II) river section.  There will be several experienced trip coordinators who can help answer all your questions about what it takes to be a successful trip coordinator. 


Part indoors, part outdoors


Canoeing Safety Clinic: August 17, 2019

This class is offered by experienced club members, covering basics & unique scenarios in canoeing safely and being prepared.  The class is partly indoors with theory & discussion, then outdoors to practice new skills.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events