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Ever gone out for a nice day of tandem paddling only to have it result in months of couples’ therapy?  Gone up a creek without a paddle? Have a trip scheduled on the Bowron Lakes but you’re afraid that you’re skills have gotten a little rusty?


Whether you are new to canoeing, are interested in paddling more confidently in rivers or are an experienced whitewater paddler who wants to learn how to “style” your way through rapids, Paddle Trails Canoe Club has great learning opportunities for you in 2017. 


We offer a great set of courses for paddlers of almost all interests and abilities.  We have excellent member-instructors who will focus on safety, helping you learn, but most importantly making sure you have a great time on the water.

Class schedule for 2018 Coming Soon!

2017 Schedule:

Introduction to Canoeing Rivers: June 3rd and 4th
In this 2 day course, come learn about how moving water affects your boat. This is pre-whitewater, so we are covering some of the basics: entering and exiting current, paddle strokes, and being an active group member. Canoes will need to be equipped with some flotation.



Introduction to Canoeing Whitewater: June 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th

In this 4 day course, explore the excitement of whitewater while learning how to safely navigate obstacles and maneuver efficiently and effectively through a dynamic environment.  You will learn more advanced skills and dynamic paddling techniques as well as individual and group strategies for navigating rapids.  Students need to have boats that are designed and equipped for whitewater. 

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Lake Canoeing: July15

Have you been out honing your skills on a lake recently? We thought not.  This course will give you the solid foundational skills that will carry over to whitewater and expedition paddling as you advance as a canoeist.  This class is great for canoeists of all types: new tandem partners who want to develop an understanding of the techniques needed to work together to make your go boat where you want it to go efficiently, solo paddlers who want to learn more about how trim is the most important rule of canoeing.  The goal is to make each stroke as effective as possible so that you can paddle longer distances with less effort and more fun. 

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Whitewater Playboating: July 22nd
Wish that you could not just get down a rapid but earn style points along the way?  This class will help you learn some more advanced skills that will help you impress your friends.  This class is designed for paddlers that are comfortable paddling their boats on Class II or II+.  We will spend the day focusing on surfing easy waves and playing in small hydraulics.  Swims are to be expected - hey if you ain't swimmin' you ain't tryin' hard enough.   You must have a boat designed and equipped for whitewater for this class. 

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Stroke Clinic: July 27
We will spend an evening on some quiet flat water near Seattle to refresh, practice and fine tune your canoe strokes.  The emphasis will be on making your strokes as effective and efficient as possible.  This is not an "intro" canoeing class but all are welcome.

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Open Canoe Sailing: Date to be determined

Sail when you can – paddle when you must.  Come learn how to turn a windy day on the water into sailing excitement.  This course will teach you the basics of sailing an open canoe.  You will learn how to do this safely as a group as well as how to use the wind to get you where you want to go with less effort.  Take a sail with you whenever you go so if the wind comes up you can use it to your advantage.  We may cover sailing an open canoe solo, tandem, or as a raft of multiple canoes! Bring your imagination.  

Traditional Skills: Canoe Poling: Date to be determined

Have you ever heard people say you should not stand up in a canoe?   Well they have probably never been poling.  Poling is a skill used to go up or down a river in very shallow water.  You use a 12 foot long pole to push off the bottom of the river.  It will help build confidence on the water and increase your understanding of the river environment, as well as challenge your balance!  Once you get the hang of it, a great way to challenge yourself is to plan a trip where you travel up river for a couple of days and on the last day turn around and come back down.  You will learn a great deal about rivers and notice things that you would ordinarily miss.  Poling does not only work for rivers but is just as effective on lakes, marshes, swamps, or estuaries.  


River Safety: July 29th and 30th

Remember when Kris threw his throw bag into a tree? So do we. There is even photographic proof. Come practice those rusty rescue skills and learn some new techniques. We’ll talk about prevention, positioning, and cover some basic rescue techniques using minimal equipment whilst achieving maximum results.

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Canoe Tripping: August 26th and September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

“ As the canoe glided silently by, the lynx watched warily, then stood up and in a moment was gone into the bushes lining the river.”


Do you have the desire to experience wilderness from a canoe, but lack the knowledge to plan and execute a canoe trip?  This Paddle Trails course is designed to help you, whether it is your first trip, or you want to refine already established tripping skills.  The course is taught by people with extensive tripping experience and will include both on the water and on the shore instruction.  Topics center on planning, gear choices, outfitting, packing, portaging, and camp craft.  Prerequisites are some canoeing experience, a positive attitude, and availability for the course.  Curriculum will be adjusted to the desires and needs of participants.

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Trip Coordinator Training: Date to be determined

Getting out on the water in our boats is the heart and soul of why Paddle Trails Canoe Club exists and without people willing to share their knowledge, experience and favorite waterways with other club members by helping to coordinate trips, our value diminishes.  Do you want to get your favorite river on the club trip schedule?  As a trip coordinator Paddle Trails Canoe Club, you can be sure you have a chance to paddle those sections with friends in the club. 


So, whether you have ever been recruited by friends, co-workers, or an organization other than Paddle Trails to put together a canoe or kayak trip or just want to give back to the club by being a trip coordinator for Paddle Trails, this is a great opportunity to see what's it is all about.  If you've never been a trip coordinator and want to know what is involved, this 1-day training will fill you in on what a trip coordinator does to pull off a successful club trip.  To make this a fun event, we're going to integrate the training with a typical mellow (class I+ or easy II) river section.  There will be several experienced trip coordinators who can help answer all your questions about what it takes to be a successful trip coordinator. 


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events