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Welcome to Paddle Trails Canoe Club!!
50 Years and Counting!

We paddle canoes, kayaks and inflatables.   We paddle rivers, lakes and salt water.   We paddle for fun, adrenaline, scenery and wilderness.  Yep, we’re probably paddling something, somewhere right now!!  Paddle Trails Canoe Club (PTCC) is a supportive and inclusive community of paddlers who like to get out on water whenever we can and focus on safety and fun.  We invite you to take a few minutes to explore our site and, if you like what you see, to have you join us.  We always welcome new members.
If you are an active member, you should already have a username and password to access the site's members only features.  If you need help logging in or you have questions or constructive feedback, please contact our webmaster.  

Memberships are only $25 per year per family!  Not already a member and wish to join?  
Join Now!

2020 Marks Our 50th Anniversary!

Founded by a handful of enthusiastic canoeists who met at the Poodle Dog Cafe in Fife Washington in 1970, Paddle Trails enters it's 50th year as an organization and having fun in small boats.  Lots has changed since then but much has also stayed the same.  We still focus on fun and safety as our top priorities doing so within a great, close knit community of paddlers.  In honor of our 50th year, we've just published an archive of photos we've scanned from 80 pages of a scrapbook.  Most of these photos are from the 1990s and a few from early 2000s.  If anyone has any from other periods we'd love for you to send them to

Renewed Membership?

If you haven't renewed your PTCC membership for 2020 - 2021, please renew today!  
Without renewing, your access will go away at the end of February.

Paddle Trails Canoe Club and COVID-19

Paddle Trails Canoe Club is carefully watching federal, state and local recommendations regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and is treating them very seriously. 

With the advent of Phase 2, Paddle Trails has temporarily authorized Trip Coordinators to resume coordination of trips. Under Washington State's Outdoor Recreation Phase 1 Clarifications and Phase 2 – Update No. 3 COVID-19 Requirements (link below), guided paddle sports are permitted with restrictions.

Paddle Trails Trip Coordinators, if they choose to coordinate trips, will add Covid-19 risk management to their list of responsibilities.

  • Specifically, Trip coordinators will be responsible for reminding participants to follow the key aspect of the State's requirements, to social distance on and off the river.
  • They will check in with participants prior to the trip to make sure each paddler has a socially distant shuttle plan, per state guidelines. With a variety of options (vans, trucks, bikes, skateboards, tennis shoes, etc.) the possibilities are endless.
  • Please come with a mask and use as necessary. Let's be conservative to slow the spread and to be role models for the paddling community.

See the link below for State guidelines and know that participants and the Trip Coordinator will work out the nuts and bolts.

With all this, you still may decide Trips aren't for you right now. Trip Coordinators too may lead fewer trips these days. In time, you will see more Trips on the calendar. We hope you'll join us for official Trips and Pick-up Trips alike, now or in the future.

Guidance for outdoor recreation link

Wenatchee River 


Glamour video of some Paddle Trails Canoe Club members
showing off their awesome smiles, skills and good looks!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events