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Welcome to Paddle Trails Canoe Club!!

We paddle canoes, kayaks and inflatables.   We paddle rivers, lakes and salt water.   We paddle for fun, adrenaline, scenery and wilderness.  Yep, we’re probably paddling something, somewhere right now!!  Paddle Trails Canoe Club (PTCC) is a supportive and inclusive community of paddlers who like to get out on water whenever we can and focus on safety and fun.  We invite you to take a few minutes to explore our site and, if you like what you see, to have you join us.  We always welcome new members.
If you are an active member, you should already have a username and password to access the site's members only features.  If you need help logging in or you have questions or constructive feedback, please contact our webmaster.

Club News


Spring Bash 2016

Saturday, May 14th 9:00 AM

Tolt-MacDonald Park, Carnation

Please join us in this annual celebration of paddling and Spring!!!  As in previous years, club officers will be cooking and serving PTCC members and their guests a full breakfast on the club!  Breakfast will be followed with the annual rope throwing contests for distance and accuracy and giving away prized to the best throwers. After festivities at the park are complete, you will have your choice between several paddling trips from Class I to Class III.  All members and their guests are welcome.  So come join your paddling friends for a great breakfast followed by a day of canoeing.  We promise lots of warm sunshine, great paddling and a fun celebration of paddling with paddlers of all ages and abilities!



Canoeing Classes 

2016 Date Announcement


Interested in building your skills and confidence in your canoe?  Are you a tandem boater that wants to learn how to strike out in your own solo boat?  Perhaps you'd like to learn how to surf better or just paddle more efficiently.  We are offering these two classes to whet your appetite there lots more REALLY GREAT canoeing classes on our training page!  Paddle Trails canoe classes focus on safety and fun as well as a great learning experience.


Introduction to River Canoeing – June 11th and 12th This 2 day course is for canoeists who are comfortable paddling on lakes but wish to learn more about safely exploring easy rivers.  See our Training Page for more details and the registration form.


Introduction to Whitewater Canoeing – June 18th, 19th, 25th and 26thThis 4 day class is designed for canoeists who wish to learn more about safely paddling and maneuvering their canoes on whitewater rivers.  Go to our Training Page for details and the registration form

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Photo of the Month

Skagit Eagle Float January 9th 2016

Skagit Eagle Float 2016 

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events